Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Healthy Tapioca Pudding in Your Crock Pot!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see, on the front of our morning paper, not weather damage in some part of the country, or a politician's face, but smiling children from local elementary schools who had won the Scripp's Spelling Bee. Our sons always fared well in their school spelling bees (one advanced to the school-wide bee, and two went to the regional bee) and I have many fond memories associated with their individual victories.

In fact, back in WV, our friends' son, Andy, made it to the national bee in Washington, D.C., twice during his elementary years! Spelling bees are a great way for children to enjoy language in a unique way. Thank you to The Lawton Constitution for sponsoring the Scripp's Spelling Bee Regional Competition. Success in such extra-curricular activities can propel students on to bigger and better things...Andy was just named as a National Merit Finalist and will attend OU this fall. Congratulations to the Wade family!

Speaking of "bigger and better", here's a healthier version of Tapioca Pudding that you can make in your crock pot; even people watching their fat and sugar intake need a treat now and then. Have a good Wednesday!

Tapioca Pudding

2 qt. skim milk
3/4 C dry small pearl tapioca
1 C sugar (Splenda)
3/4 C Eggbeaters
2 tsp vanilla
3 C Fat-Free Cool Whip, thawed

Combine milk, tapioca and sugar in slow cooker. Cook on high 3-4 hrs, or until tapioca is tender. Add a little of the hot tapioca to Eggbeaters; stir. Whisk eggbeaters into tapioca-milk mixture. Add vanilla. Cover and cook on high 20-30 minutes; cool. Chill in refrigerator. When fully chilled, beat with hand mixer to fluff the pudding. Fold in the Cool Whip.

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  1. I love tapioca pudding. I cannot wait to try it in the crock pot. Thanks so much!!

  2. I love tapioca pudding, but have never made it in the crock pot. I use my crock pot all the time!

    Marcia, I have an award for you. :-) The post is here:

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  4. Thanks Joy for the nice award nomination!