Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Weekend was a "Weiner"!

What a wonderful weekend we had for Southlake's Oktoberfest! The weather couldn't have been any better. OK, now I will try to mention the Wiener Dog Races, without rambling-on. It was my absolute favorite part of the three-day festival!! Thanks to my son, Justin we have pictures (I was helping with the registration). The costume parade was a "hoot"! There were little dogs dressed as butterflies, hotdogs with condiments, pirates, a princess coach and a fly-fisherman (first prize!) That's just a brief description; over 200 dogs were entered in the races, and a large part of that number came decked-out in costumes. It was a dog-lovers paradise.
The races are exciting and just plain fun! The only event that I can compare it to is a little kids' T-ball game. You have these proud dog owners, each hoping his dog will perform as it is released on the count of three, and just like children, dogs are very unpredictable. "Max" might go full-steam ahead down the lane, or he might decide to lay down! It was very funny to see what items were used at the end of the coarse to entice the dogs. You see, just like at T-ball games where you have a Dad who usually gives the child bits of advice from the sideline, and a Mom who cheers from the stands, it's a team effort at weiner races, as well. In addition to the petlover who releases the dog, there is a petlover at the end of the lane, who's equally excited and can urge the racer on with his favorite treat or snuggle object. Usually the snuggly is a toy or stuffed animal, in one case it was the dog's best pal, a Tea-Cup Chihuahua. That little dog was shivering with excitement... or terror, it was hard to tell (he did remind me a little of the old movies where someone's being held over a pit for sacrifice). In the end, a a fast , intense little dog named "Rocky" won and I was thrilled because his handlers were two little boys. The picture of them with trophy and their prize-winning dog is precious!
We kept very busy this weekend along with several wonderful volunteers who gave up time on a glorious Autumn weekend to help out. Three of our volunteers were our sons who were a big help; thanks guys!
If you ever have a chance to come watch or participate in the Southlake, Texas Oktoberfest, don't miss it!

Here's my menu:

Monday, Oct. 4


Tuesday, Oct. 5

Baked Fish
Au Gratin Potatoes

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Chicken Bacon Pizza

Thursday, Oct. 7

Beef Stroganoff
green beans

Friday, Oct. 8

Travel throughout the weekend

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