Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aunt Monica's Cranberry Jello Salad

This is my favorite recipe for Cranberry Salad at Thanksgiving. My husband's Aunt Monica used to bring it down to his family's home and it was such a great dish that it became a tradition. I think that it's more dessert than salad, with the chopped nuts and whipped topping! Even the kids like this one because it has jello and crushed pineapple in it!

Aunt Monica's Cranberry Jello Salad
Monica Ghent, Charleston, West Virginia

2 small packages lemon Jello (I like strawberry Jello better)
3 C boiling water
Cool; just as it begins to gel, add:

2 C fresh cranberries (Ground in processor, or chopped fine)
2 C crushed pineapple, drained well
2 C sugar (you can cut this down some or use Splenda)
1 C crushed nuts (can use walnuts or pecans)
1 C chopped fresh orange (or mandarin oranges, chopped)

Chill for several hours. Very pretty cut into squares and topped with Cool Whip.

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  1. Oh, my...this looks sooooooooo yummy! My m.i.l. used to make a cranberry jello salad, but she would use it as the cranberry sauce. I never liked it with the turkey bc it was too sweet...I prefer just a plain cranberry sauce for that. But as a dessert like this, YUMMMM! I'm going to add it to my menu Thursday...thank you for sharing it!
    Lori (aka Plans4You and Serenity in the Suburbs)

  2. My Grandma used to make a salad like this. I make a lime jello salad that is our Thanksgiving tradition as well.