Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Menu

Today's cleaning day, tomorrow will be the day to buy last-minute fresh grocery items and Wednesday will be the prep and pie-baking day! My menu will reflect the pace of our week. Hope that you all enjoy a fun-filled holiday week!

Monday, Nov. 23

Baked white fish w/ Old Bay Seasoning
Lemon Pepper Squash
Brussels Sprouts
Parsley Red Potatoes

Tuesday, Nov. 24

BBQ chicken
Macaroni and Cheese

Wednesday, Nov. 25

Chili w/ shredded cheddar

Thursday, Nov. 26

Roasted Turkey w/ stuffing
mashed potatoes
Sweet Potatoes w/ Praline Topping-Blake
Aunt Monica's Cranberry Salad-Me
Green Bean Casserole-Justin
Mom's Candied Dills
Hot rolls
Pumpkin Pie/Apple Pie/Fresh Lemon Glazed Cake(Dana)

Friday, Nov. 27

Pot Roast w/ Vegetables
7-Layer Salad
French Bread

Saturday, Nov. 28

Homemade Pizzas
Vegetable tray and Dip
(Watch Natn'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!)

Sunday, Nov. 29

Leftover Turkey Buffet!

I'll be joining MPM at Orgjunkie today.

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