Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !

My friend, Reda, gave me this a long time ago and I've always liked it. Thought I would share it with you for Thanksgiving Day. This recipe is very flexible, of course, as far as the number of people and pets are concerned, but the love and caring are not optional!

Recipe for a Happy Family

1 husband
1 wife
1 home
3 C love, packed
1 pkg. work
1 pkg. play, together
1 TBSP patience (approximate)
1 TBSP understanding
1 TBSP forgiveness
1 C kisses
Generous portion of prayer

Mix thoroughly and sprinkle with awareness. Bake in moderate oven of everyday life, using grudges and past unpleasantness as fuel. Cool; turn out onto a platter of cheerfulness. Garnish with tears and laughter. In large helpings, serve God, Country and Community.

Wishing each of you love and family togetherness this Thanksgiving!

I will be at LifeasMom for her recipe swap today.


  1. That's the best recipe I've seen all day!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire family from ours. Sarah and Hank

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all families-great or small! Nice to hear from you, Sarah and Hank!